Saturday, September 17, 2005

face flat on the desert floor, I feel as if I am about to be slain, seven heads and seven stars, and the stars shine so Brightly.Do you have a choice?

There is an air of unfamiliarity pushing against my boundaries rather violently.
I think I kind of like it. I cannot imagine a future that does not exist.

I have been wondering what are the important parts of understanding suffering? How quiet is my suffering in relation to yours? Do you cycle through your lessons and pain many times over, or is it a one shot deal? Do you choose to suffer? I have found that by sight of the symptoms of a great body of illness and joy, that one can get to the core of this issue rather cleanly. This is not to say there are answers, or an answer. Rather we each possess sight, hands, feet, love. These are answers, right? If we cycle through pain, can we not also be dislodged? If it is a choice to suffer, can't we choose to not suffer. We may still have symptoms. We may still die of cancer. But our hearts and souls will rest in eternal release.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

haimona is now an emerging adult! absence now has no excuse as I am now, at least briefly, completed with my higher education. This year has been a whirl of intensity, in academic and spiritual, not to mention personal realms. I am emerging from this dark academic cavern bright faced and informed. I have good grades! Which I cannot help but be thankful to God, because I have a most difficult professor! This time comes to a close this Sunday at my commencment! This time has been a time of liberation from personal shackles and withstanding barricades! Maybe it's spring, and growth. Maybe it's an entire welcoming and fearing of God's prescence in my heart. My prayer is to welcome that prescence more. To be more broken and humble. To praise. To step up to the plate, and do whole heartedly what I need to do! Praise be!

Monday, April 25, 2005


I am in the midst of radical change! I am finding God in every corner where there was once darkness, I am close with the people around me, I am about to graduate from college, I am about to turn a year seems that everything is converging in my sight, and I am recieving it. There are so many predetermined transitional points in our lives! I feel like I am actually present for these, and using them to truly propell forward. Peace. Mim

Saturday, April 02, 2005


Names are a funny of my friends, who I have known for quite some time mind you, was convinced my name was Grace. Another one of my friends quite a bit of time ago was sharing a tent with me, and also called me Grace in the middle of the night when I finally went to rest my head. I have been thinking about Grace latley. I feel Spirit has endowed me with sight of the gifts that I have to serve as a conduit of Grace. So maybe the name serves as a reminder to stay with Spirit.

Monday, March 21, 2005

a long time ramblin'

Whoa! It has been a month without blogging! How do things like this happen? Well...a clue in to the ol' world of whimsymim! I have been Singing, singing, singing! Fearsome legs, apologies and all, and I have a gig this saturday with some great friends at a local coffee shop. The most amazing things are happening, and it's all pouring from Spirit! Every cell and inch of me is thankful and in love! It's easy writting songs when your in love. Some people write about being in love with other people, and i just write about being in love! The subject will never tire me! well...i shouldn't strain my fingers that are out of typing shape, or spend all of my typing in one spot! goodnight world, goodnight moon! Peace. Mim

Saturday, February 26, 2005

sosososo much!

Bonjourno web world! I appologize for my tardiness as of late, but my world is exploding with multiple layers of intensity! I have been opening my world view, sorting my spiritual community connection, meeting new people, making a CD, finding a voice in the visual art world, eating super healthy and with consciousness, praying, purging, writing, and connecting with my future self to see what the heck I am going to do after graduation. Whew! I am contently wiped! So I thought that I would check in and update! I hope that the whole of anyone who reads this is well and in love with being! Peace! Meghan

Friday, February 18, 2005

and then...there was everything and a whole lot of questions.

trophy...what is slain to merit reward? Why do we go with selected versions of our whole beings to fill what's lacking. Why not just fill out what's lacking, and be whole. Why do we need trophies, both declared and invisible, to validate the fullness and investment we have in life? Why does being human need to be more? Am I the same species? Where is my three-year-old self? Or my 30? Is Everything important? Are there different Gods, and are they all known? Is everything simultaneous? Are infinite and eternal applicable to God, or just human consciousness? Exactly how limited are we? If we know that we are in fact all connected, why do we still make choices that are not with love?